Friday, 27 August 2010

CDAC Vintage writing

Wow what can I say I won a challenge with this card over at the CDAC. Never won anything like that before.

The challenge was for the other theme entry we had to create a card with vintage and writing as it's base to start from, also using the free image supplied for the challenge. I couldn't find the right backing paper so I created it using some images I had. I also wanted to give a feeling that the letters were one of the most important treasures that this person owned. They were more valuable than money. This person had the first letter that their grandchild had wrote them hence the yellowing of the papers. I also wanted to depict the ancient art of writing to loved ones and this was why I placed on the card a quill and ink well. The quill was an old lace trimming from a blouse that I had stashed in my wardrobe. No idea where it came from as the blouse/shirt certainly isn't my style. I think I remember wearing it once? for what no idea but you know us crafters never throw anything away and I am so glad I didn't as it worked perfectly.

I even added an old Brittania 1 pence coin. I think the date on it was 1936 and I also added an old treasure box key for good measure.

I wasn't sure that the card would work out at first but the more I got into it the better I liked it. I am so pleased that others liked it also as that is why we create our works to help brighten other peoples days. I hope that you like what you see and why not go over to the CDAC and join in the fun.

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