Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Shaped Easel Cards

Hi Everyone

Well this week I have messing around with the humble easel card and seeing what I could come up with. I decided I wanted to make some templates so that I wouldn't have to work out the design everytime I wanted to make something up that wasn't square or rectangular.

I creatd some quite fun shapes ranging from the house / Shed / Dog kennel shown in the photo to a christmas tree and cauldron. I have even managed to make a gentlemans hat and a bottle of wine to name a few. ~The most stylish I think is the cross doesn't not need much to make it look stunning.

If you would like to see the full range available why not go over to craftsuprint and have a look in my designers resource section. You will find images of the finished item so you can see before you decide to purchase.

I made up 18 easel cards in 2 nights from scratch and that also included having to print, laminate and cut out the template before use. So quick once you have the right equipment.

Well it is getting late and I have an early start tomorrow. So Now I go to my bed which is screaming my name.

~Thannks for dropping by and see you again real soon.

Hugs and happy crafting

Friday, 27 August 2010

CDAC Vintage writing

Wow what can I say I won a challenge with this card over at the CDAC. Never won anything like that before.

The challenge was for the other theme entry we had to create a card with vintage and writing as it's base to start from, also using the free image supplied for the challenge. I couldn't find the right backing paper so I created it using some images I had. I also wanted to give a feeling that the letters were one of the most important treasures that this person owned. They were more valuable than money. This person had the first letter that their grandchild had wrote them hence the yellowing of the papers. I also wanted to depict the ancient art of writing to loved ones and this was why I placed on the card a quill and ink well. The quill was an old lace trimming from a blouse that I had stashed in my wardrobe. No idea where it came from as the blouse/shirt certainly isn't my style. I think I remember wearing it once? for what no idea but you know us crafters never throw anything away and I am so glad I didn't as it worked perfectly.

I even added an old Brittania 1 pence coin. I think the date on it was 1936 and I also added an old treasure box key for good measure.

I wasn't sure that the card would work out at first but the more I got into it the better I liked it. I am so pleased that others liked it also as that is why we create our works to help brighten other peoples days. I hope that you like what you see and why not go over to the CDAC and join in the fun.

Fishin' Around with Designed2Delight

Well it was that time of the week again for the Design2Delight challenge. I must admit that this one was hard for me. I never know what to do with images with a sporting theme. Mens cards are always hard for me, no idea why just are LOL.

Well thanks for stopping by see you again soon.

Hugs Sarah

Friday, 20 August 2010

D2D pumpkin autumn is close.

Hi All

Well another crafty week has passed how quickly time flies. This is for the design2delight weekly challenge. As I played along last week this was my free gift which enabled me to play again this week for free. I just love the pumpkin design. I loved being able to play with the rich autumnal colours as they are the best. So warm and conforting. Yes I am one of the crazy ones who love autumn and winter and not really into summer to hot.

Well I hope that you like what I have created with the pumpkin digi stamp really had fun with this one.

Thanks for looking
and happy crafting to you all
Sarah xxxx

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Design2Delight Teddy

Well what can I say about this little chappie except that I love him. He reminds me so much of my much loved and rather tatty looking teddy when he was new. And yes I still have him no way would I be parting with my Teddy Eddy. I know sad but I don't care.

This image was created by Faith over at designed2 delight and I think she has created a very versatile image Thank you Faith for offering it as a freebie up until Thusday 12th August 2010. Why not head over their and grab this great freebie whilst it's there and have a look around at the same time. You could also join in her weekly challenge and receive even more free digital stamps. Go on give it a go you still have 24 hours.

This was a lovely little image that I just had to colour golden. Added some stitching to the nose and eyes to give it a little texture plus I think it makes his little face pop.

I cut him out and mounted him simply onto an 8"x8" card as I thought the image really didn't need anything elaborate. It really did all it's own talking. Just added a simple sentiment and card was finished. This digital stamp is stutable for both males and females. Just how you dress him will decide who he/she is for. Great for the kids after all what child does not like teddies and want to celebrate a new addition to the family just add a bib or pacifier.

Thank you for taking a look hope you liked what you saw. Big hugs to all and keep on crafting.


Friday, 6 August 2010

Christmas In July

Hi Everyone

If you played along in last weeks challenge over at Designed to Delight you would have received this adorable "Heartfelt Wishes" digi stamp from Faith to celebrate Christmas in July! and as a prize for playing along. Christmas is my favorite holiday even if it get hectic and you end up biting your nails down to bloody stumps LOL. Joys of having children and everyone you know expecting a handmade card. Can't get away with buying shop bought anymore.

I didn't play along last week as I was busy with life you know how it is but I like the stamp so much I purchased her with the special voucher that faith sent out to all the followers of her blog for attaining 200 followers way to go Faith so he was free anyway. Thank you Faith you have enabled me to play along again.

I usually leave my Christmas cards to the last minute no matter how many times I tell myself each year that I 'm not going to do that, this year I will make so many every week, but no never happens. Faith deciding to use this little cutie has kicked me into starting my Christmas cards and this is the first of many. I will make so many every week from now on I will I will I will?

Well better get crafting and keep my promise.

Hugs to you all.

Monday, 2 August 2010

After the rain

Hi Everyone

Thought I would get one more creation on here before I go tonight or should I say this morning. I have to be up in 2 hours but I just can't seem to shut down. Mayhbe because I love the peace and quiet and night time is the only time that happens no fighting or moaning. BLISS.

I created this card for a challenge on World of Crafters for their iris folding forum plus I thought it might make a nice things won't always be so bleak kind of card for a friend.

I am one of those crazy people who loves the rain and feel like everything is washed clean after a rain shower. The air always feels so crisp and fresh. This image kind of reminds me of how I feel but the sentiment is really a reminder that the darkness will not always be there the light will come again.

Thanks for looking
Hugs Sarah

July where did that go!!!

Well as you can see I wasn't around much in July. Life just got in the way as it tends to do from time to time. Still did some crafting just never had much time to visit the internet or my computer very much. Way to many appointment for one person to have.

Well both my daughters are now on school hols so no early mornings right? Wrong my oldest daughter has decided to go to the local football grounds and join in with the activities they have on there over the holidays. I don't blame her I was just looking forward to some lay ins LOL.

I will get more on here over the next few days but I thought I would just show you what I created for my mom as a birthday card. It is a lantern using the Arty Farty template. Don't worry the candle is not real it is one of those battery operated tea lights. Can you believe I could not get them in my home town I had to rely on Amazon. Thank god for the internet.

Thanks for checking in and seeing what I have been up too. I will get better at this I promise.

Hugs to you all