Thursday, 24 June 2010

Ballerina Stamp

Hi Everyone

still colouring away at some digi stamps, this one is one of my stamps that I hand drew and then uploaded to my computer altered and tried to make it as clear as possible.

I must be going though a blue phase at the moment as I seem to be using a lot of it. Mind you for this one I had to as the challenge I made it for was to use a sketch plus the colours yellow and blue. I assure you that it is yellow and not green as it seems to look like in the image. No idea why? The backing paper is also my creation as I wanted something like gingham and I didn't have the right colours in.

This card was made for the challenge at stampin' for the weekend why not head over there and see what they have to offer.

I hope you like what you see I do have some digi stamps for sale at crafts U print there are a few different kinds Suit a variety of people and occasions.

Thanks for looking

Hugs Sarah

Delightful Inspirations June week 3 challenge

Hello All

Well I spent some of today just chillin out and colouring in some digi stamps. Need to enhance my calm and this always works.

This is a free stamp I received for entering in last weeks challenge over on Delightful Inspiration. They have a weekly challenge and you receive a free stamp for entering. You will need this stamp if you wish to enter the following weeks challenge. Well worth entering the challenges for the lovely stamps.

I loved making this card it all fell into place even the flowers which I created using HOTP blooms template. I only got it yesterday morning so I had to have a play with it. They worked out a lot better than I thought. I inked the edges of the flowers to give them more dimension and instead of placing a gem in the middle I put a paper flower I had bought and that finished it off lovely. Also if you look closely you will See that I have 3D the bird on the branch to give more depth.

Once again thanks for stopping by and happy crafting.

Hugs Sarah

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Paper Flower Challenge

Well been quite busy this week trying to sort out my crafting supplies and getting them into some kind of order and failing miserably, but hey at least I tried.

This card is one I came across that I thought would be perfect for the crazy 4 challenge this week. You have to make a card using paper flowers either made or purchased. These flowers are a little of both I bought the digital sheet from fred she said but had to cut them out and make them up so like I said a little of both LOL. I just love Tracey Lynns stuff they always go together so easily and the cards always look stunning.

This card is quite simple but I just love the way it went together it was effortless. Well the pile of stuff I have to try and put somewhere before I can go to bed is taunting me so I had better go and try and cram it in somewhere.

Keep on crafting everyone and remember there is no such thing as to much crafting stuff and no where to put it we can always find a place

Hugs Sarah

Monday, 21 June 2010

Thanks Teachers

Well it is almost that time of year again where the kids are happy and parents think Oh my goodness 6 weeks of trying to find them something to do. I have 2 girls who are very different to each other as I am sure many others of you have and you can never satisfy them both at the same time. Plus I have the added problem of my youngest not liking to go out especially in crowds she doesn't deal with them at all well. Oh well I am sure I will come up with something I hope.

All that said it is also the time of year for the thank you cards and presents for the teachers. I am really not sure what to do about this one as my youngest and the only one now that would still send a card to her teacher as a thank you. (My oldest feels like all teachers are her jailers and so wishes to thank none of them LOL exccept her mentor she has been fantastic this year to her.)Melissa is not in school at the moment due to ill health and hasn't been since early May of this year plus is unlikely to return before the new school year so that also means she will not be returning to her school but going on to a new school. See where the head scrating comes from I have splinters in my fingers now.

I decided to make something simple just in case Melissa wanted to try and go into to school to give her teacher a card. I purchased these from crafts u Print as I thought they were lovely. Yes I also buy from there even though I design for them.
They didn't have backing paper with them so I created some using the main image of each design both these designs are on the same sheet great value for money. I think they turned out OK something quick and easy but also eye catching and to the point.

Any way really must get back to trying to sort out my crafting stash which means for the next few weeks I won't be able to find anything but then again it's like that now hence the sort out. LOL

Happy crafting everyone and see you all soon.

Hugs Sarah

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Hello Kitty IF

Hi Everyone

This last month I have had a number of cards to make. Not all have been added here due to time constraints and my little one not being very well but I love to craft and it is this that keeps me sane most of the time.

I just loved this one so much and I would like the thank Ingrid McCraken for her wonderful IF design of Hello Kitty. My next door neighbours little girl is absolutely crazy for Kitty and this was just perfect for her 5th Birthday. Happy Birthday Millie you are just as cute.

Well better get some more designs made for seeing how I have the computer for a little time. That will all change when the kida are around. It is a 3 way fight for it at the moment as I will not allow the internet in their bedrooms. My own fault I know but I like to keep an eye on them and make sure they are safe.

Well Happy crafting

Hugs Sarah

Friday, 18 June 2010

Colour combo challenge entry

Hi All

Well I have really enjoyed playing with the digi stamps this week so much and entering a few challenges has been fun.

I loved the challenge set by Crazy for Challenges with the set colour theme. I must admit I am not really a great green fan in fact most of the time I avoid the colour except if I need to make grass LOL. This challenge has proved to me that green can look good even with colours I would not normally have teamed it with. Just goes to show you that you shouldn't judge things before you try.

The image I used was from fred she said I just love Tracey Lynns designs she is such a talented lady. I just hope she will like what I created using her image.

Well must get some work done or should I say tidying as my room looks like a bomb has gone off in it. Oh the thrill it must be to have an alocated room for all your craft stuff. so once the creative fun has stoped you can walk away and close it behind you without having to think well thats another hours before I can get to bed. LOL I really must be more tidy when I create. Who am I kidding is there any crafter out there who is really tidy when they are creating?

Take care people and happy crating

Hugs Sarah

Delightful Inspirations June freebie #2

Hi Everyone

This is is the entry I made up to enter into the Delightful Inspirations freebie #2 stamp of the month challenge. If you play along this week you will receive a free stamp so you can play along the following week. I think it is a great way to build up your digi stamps and to help challenge you to create something using images you may not have tried before. Help keep the creative juices flowing as they say.

Well this is what I created using that very cute little mouse.

Keep on crafting everyone

Hugs Sarah

The Sweet Stop Challenge

This week I spent a little time on the computer just having a look to see what I would find interesting. My mojo seems to be off so I was really looking for inspiration basically to come a knockin'. I did locate a few websites I thought were very interesting and they offer challenges either using a colour scheme or a sketch. Well I am sure that you all get the idea.

I came across website Sweet stop and they have a challenge every week starting on a Saturday so I decided to give it a go. I just had to use this little elephant I think it is so cute. I don't even know anyone who has had a baby recently but I knew I just wanted to use it This is for the Sweet stop challenge SSS60.

I am quite new to rubber/digi stamping I love it but I never feel like I quite got it right. I always feel like I should have done something different. Oh well practice makes sort of perfect all I can do is my best and hopefully I will get better. LOL

Take care everyone and happy crafting


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Shaker Card Sheets

Well today has been quite productive managed to pry my kids fingers of the computer without to much damage to either. I can't wait until they are old enough to have a computer complete with internet access in their own bedroom then I will be able to get loads done without having to beg. Yes I am the one that begs for computer time.

I suppose I shouldn't complain to much it keeps my little one calm so I can get on with other things and seeing how she is slightly ( and I hope to goodness it stays only slighty) Agrophobic probably spelt wrong but I spelt it how it sounds sorry to all those who hate bad spelling but I was never any good at it. You should have seen the red pen in my english exercise books LOL then again maybe not.

Managed to get some crafting in today on top of designing some new sheets for Made up a few sheets that I had designed a few days ago just to make sure that they worked out OK.

I made this cute little chappie because I just loved the look on his face. I have quite a few similar to this where I used the image to create a frame and not just add a frame on top of the image. Wanted it to be a little different to other shaker cards. I hope I manages it.

Well seeing how today has been a pretty reasonable sort of day I think I will go and get some other things done while the house is calm.

Hugs Sarah