Monday, 21 June 2010

Thanks Teachers

Well it is almost that time of year again where the kids are happy and parents think Oh my goodness 6 weeks of trying to find them something to do. I have 2 girls who are very different to each other as I am sure many others of you have and you can never satisfy them both at the same time. Plus I have the added problem of my youngest not liking to go out especially in crowds she doesn't deal with them at all well. Oh well I am sure I will come up with something I hope.

All that said it is also the time of year for the thank you cards and presents for the teachers. I am really not sure what to do about this one as my youngest and the only one now that would still send a card to her teacher as a thank you. (My oldest feels like all teachers are her jailers and so wishes to thank none of them LOL exccept her mentor she has been fantastic this year to her.)Melissa is not in school at the moment due to ill health and hasn't been since early May of this year plus is unlikely to return before the new school year so that also means she will not be returning to her school but going on to a new school. See where the head scrating comes from I have splinters in my fingers now.

I decided to make something simple just in case Melissa wanted to try and go into to school to give her teacher a card. I purchased these from crafts u Print as I thought they were lovely. Yes I also buy from there even though I design for them.
They didn't have backing paper with them so I created some using the main image of each design both these designs are on the same sheet great value for money. I think they turned out OK something quick and easy but also eye catching and to the point.

Any way really must get back to trying to sort out my crafting stash which means for the next few weeks I won't be able to find anything but then again it's like that now hence the sort out. LOL

Happy crafting everyone and see you all soon.

Hugs Sarah

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