Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Shaker Card Sheets

Well today has been quite productive managed to pry my kids fingers of the computer without to much damage to either. I can't wait until they are old enough to have a computer complete with internet access in their own bedroom then I will be able to get loads done without having to beg. Yes I am the one that begs for computer time.

I suppose I shouldn't complain to much it keeps my little one calm so I can get on with other things and seeing how she is slightly ( and I hope to goodness it stays only slighty) Agrophobic probably spelt wrong but I spelt it how it sounds sorry to all those who hate bad spelling but I was never any good at it. You should have seen the red pen in my english exercise books LOL then again maybe not.

Managed to get some crafting in today on top of designing some new sheets for Made up a few sheets that I had designed a few days ago just to make sure that they worked out OK.

I made this cute little chappie because I just loved the look on his face. I have quite a few similar to this where I used the image to create a frame and not just add a frame on top of the image. Wanted it to be a little different to other shaker cards. I hope I manages it.

Well seeing how today has been a pretty reasonable sort of day I think I will go and get some other things done while the house is calm.

Hugs Sarah

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